Adding new members manually or moving members to a group

Self hosted, signups enabled. People can sign up successfully, but they are not put into the only group, and I cannot find a way to put them in the group (Admin > Users seems like it might be the place to look, but it’s grayed out as a premium feature). I would happily go premium, but it would be over $50/month for my little project that will be used by a few people at a time for three hours once a month. No budget for that.

Is there any way (via interface or via shell) to put users into a group without inviting them via email? Tell me I’m missing something! :slight_smile:

Update: I needed a fast solution, so I wrote a script to insert rows to the Postgres database directly. It’s ugly as hell, and it works.

I thought of doing API calls, but update_group tells me “It is not yet possible to add additional users to a group.” Bummer.

I’d still like to know if there’s a more convenient way to do any of the following:

  1. Add existing users to existing groups via the UI (my original question),
  2. Making a signup link configuration that auto-adds the new user to a specific group, or
  3. If there are any other resources (scripts, parts of the API I missed, etc.) that might make similar tasks easier in the future

Hey @RyanT, that’s certainly possible. If you invite a user to your group, they will receive email with an accept link, but they don’t necessarily have to use that link. If the user with that email creates an account or if they already have an account, they will see the invitation on their dashboard as well.

Apart from that, it’s also possible to see all the users who are part of the group by clicking on the “Members” link in the left sidebar. From here you can see all members and outstanding.

It’s unfortunately not possible to manually create a signup link that other users can use to gain access to the group. We do have this feature on the roadmap, but it’s not implemented yet.

Baserow is API first, so everything that you do via the interface can also be done via the API. From inviting users to accepting invitations. A more detailed API specification can be found here: Baserow API spec.

I hope that answers your questions.