Adding new users manually (without sending emails)?


i am using self hosted version 1.16 (Free License )

I understand that email invite is good for password recovery but for selfhosted setup internet is not needed and not employees need to have an email address. The IT staff can reset their accounts with a new random password.

will it be possible to add users by manually or importing a list of user(CSV) to baserow and assigning them one time random password . Once those users login in to baserow, they are prompted to change their password.


Hi @verifybudi,

You could code up a quick script (Python, Ruby etc…basically any programming language which supports HTTP ) to iterate over your CSV file (row by row) and use the “create_user” endpoint of the Baserow API to create your users programmatically .

FYI the “create_user” endpoint of the Baserow API has an option to set a password for the user

Check out the official Baserow API documentation for the “create_user” endpoint below.

Wish i could myself.

I am not a programmer by any chance.

I hope it can be added as a feature.

You could also look into using something like Make or Zapier to help abstract the complexities of going via the programming route.

Make and Zapier are basically no-code like tools to help “non-programmers” write code in a more visual way.

Hello @verifybudi, I’ve added this request to the list of features and we’ll discuss it with the team. I’ll keep you posted on this. And if you need this feature asap, you should take a closer look at @Harsh’s suggestion to use n8n, Make or Zapier to achieve this. We have a lot of community members who are experts in automation tools so if you face any difficulties we will help you to figure them out :slightly_smiling_face: :muscle:

I understand third party solutions when baserow is using Internet. But my setup is not connected to internet at all.

So i hope this comes as a builtin function like few other open source projects



n8n runs locally (like Baserow n8n is open-source).
You could thus use n8n without an internet connection

n8n is basically an open source alternative to Zapier and Make.
Being open source it can be installed on-prem and used without the internet (similar to how you are using Baserow).

Hope this helps!

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