Anyone attending DjangoCon '22?


I’m curious if anyone is planning to attend DjangoCon this October in San Diego? I should be there along with a few colleagues from Lincoln Loop since we normally sponsor a booth. Given the Django + Postgres roots, I’m sure many folks would be interested in the project. I can plan on doing a lightning talk about my own project which is now leaning heavily on Baserow for the backend. I believe the call for talk proposals went out recently in case anyone from the team is interested. It would be a great opportunity for exposure and maybe even for getting dev help during the Sprints.


Hello @music_scene_city, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

We are definitely interested in the conference! I see that there will be also DjangoCon in September in Porto which is probably more interesting for us, as all team members, except Hiram, are based in Europe. We are going to discuss this on the upcoming retro, thanks for sharing the news with us :blue_heart: