Baserow deployment on the Railway

I would like to have the option to install Baserow on Railway with a template, is there a plan for that?

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Thanks for the suggestion @claudiobalbino! We added Railway to the list of planned integrations :memo:

Maybe we can also check in their community if they have any plans to integrate with Baserow :thinking:

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Hey Olga

I just asked them if they have a plan for it.

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Answered me quickly :point_down:

Templates are more of a community effort. It’d be great if you could try to deploy baserow and if successful, contribute them back so others can use them. We are here to help you if you face any issues/build failures.

Docs - Templates | Railway Docs


Unfortunately I don’t have the technical knowledge to do that. :disappointed:

Hey Claudio, thanks for checking this out :blue_heart:


No worries Claudio! I’ll ask the dev team if they can help with building a template :raised_hands:

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Hey @claudiobalbino,

I had a quick play the other day with setting up n8n to run and update on Railway. I will have a quick look at this over the weekend while my account is still warm :+1:

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Hi @joffcom

That’s cool…I’m using n8n on Railway, and it will be amazing to be able to use Baserow too :star_struck::rocket:


Hi @joffcom ,

Did you get to look at it?

Not yet, I ended up making an n8n community node for LogSnag and started to look at Flutter.

I have however just sat down to install Xcode so I will take a look at this now.

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Well that is more complicated than expected, it looks like you need to follow the Heroku guide to a point to use an external database and volume.

Have a bit more to do later but we will get there.

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