Footer info - could it be used to find duplicates

I use the footer info almost with all my tables, just for a quick overview (setting up a proper info type according to a field type) - its very useful. But I don’t see any other usage for some selected values.
My idea is: would it be possible to use it also in filters? I am talking especially about “Unique” value. F.e. this could be used for simple filtering the non-unique data, in other words, this could very effectively find duplicates (which I was mentioning in some of previous posts as a very missing feature). I believe that if now baserow is able to detect how many records are or aren’t unique, then the same agorithm could be used in a filter, or not?

Hey @marcus, I think this is similar to an idea you shared before: Filtering "not unique" - is it possible?. As promised, we will discuss it internally. :ok_hand:

Any news about this?
The solution here: Remove duplicates seems to me too much difficult to use. Just simple filter setting that would allow filter non-unique (and may be also uniqe as an option) data in selected field (column) would be sufficient.
As the unique/non-unique information already exists (in footer, when selected), its implementation shouldn’t be a problem. (And if the field is text type, then also case-sensitive checkbox could be added…)

Hey @marcus, not yet. As soon as I have any information, I’ll publish it here :raised_hands: