Get all the details about the upcoming Developer Challenge here!

Thanks for creating this challenge! Excited to see what everyone creates :slight_smile:

And, I have something cool cooking up for this challenge

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Are we allowed to use tkinter, as a front end to the BaseRow backend?

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It seems if tkinter is not a low-code or drag and drop tool for the frontend, then you can use it

Hey @Asakor, of course, you can use it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, @cameronpak. We can’t wait to see your app :heart_eyes:

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Hey @cameronpak, the app looks great, and I really like the clean UI. :heart_eyes:

At first, I wasn’t sure if this app was related to our productivity theme, but meditation does increase productivity in some ways, so I think it counts. Don’t forget to submit your app via this form by the 10th of March. :pray:

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Precisely, gotta slow down to speed up!

And, thank you. I’ll submit the app soon once I wrap up a few things :slight_smile:

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Got to know about this challenge and I am excited to participate in this. Will be exploring the api and docs while ideating what to build in next couple of days.


Can I get more info on setting up user tables and JWT authentications?

Hi @arjun ,

There is an article on the blog that explains the difference between database tokens and JWT tokens in Baserow.

To generate a JWT token, you can use the api endpoint token_auth where you generate a token based on a baserow user.


Submitted! woot woot!

Glad to say that finally got a very novel idea to apply baserow based on something I made couple of months ago. May have to reuse front visually but everything at the back would be very 'baserow’y and with a new approach.
The problem is that previous one was 20 days non-stop work. I am weekend free and would be pushing to do this before deadline and if it does, then would also demonstrate how easily baserow simplifies things. Will update my progress.

Wow, I’m so curious to see what you’re building. :eyes:

is it possible to extend this developer challenge 1 day more ?

+1 :cold_sweat:
Maybe two days at least, please :pray:

Hey @debadev @AlexP we decided to extend it for one more week, so you can finalize your projects without rushing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are plugins also acceptable? I want to make a plugin :smiley:

hey @galo, sure thing! :point_down:

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I’m thrilled to finalize the submission, just a few finishing touches left!

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