Getting error while building local docker compose image for baserow

I am trying to run baserow on my arm64 based server using docker compose local build method as on gitlab page of base row. But I am getting this error. How can I resolve this if possible. This is the snippet if error. root@instance-20220731-2337:~/baserow# docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.local-build.yml up --build Creating network "baserow_local" with driver "bridge" Creating volume "baserow_pgdata" with default driver Creating volume "baserow_media" with default driver Creating volume "baserow_caddy_data" with default driver Creating volume "baserow_caddy_config" with default driver Pulling volume-permissions-fixer (bash:4.4)... 4.4: Pulling from library/bash e0295fd11fe2: Pulling fs layer 6ed438a6364c: Pulling fs layer e0295fd11fe2: Downloading [> e0295fd11fe2: Extracting [> e0295fd11fe2: Extracting [================================> e0295fd11fe2: Extracting [=============================================e0295fd11fe2: Extracting [=============================================e0295fd11fe2: Pull complete 6ed438a6364c: Extracting [> 6ed438a6364c: Extracting [=======================================> 6ed438a6364c: Extracting [=============================================6ed438a6364c: Pull complete 65e88686d0c8: Pull complete Digest: sha256:546f741adc6922b723c58f67b21bfc0f4dc19e86bbbbe2eda7f96a1ae6cbfb3f Status: Downloaded newer image for bash:4.4 Pulling db (postgres:11)... 11: Pulling from library/postgres 45f14b91a40f: Pull complete a0822db83f6c: Pull complete d076a31c93ca: Pull complete 9decfe79b763: Pull complete 0698b1744266: Pull complete bd673563984b: Pull complete b8d755479e0c: Pull complete 72d72d727faf: Pull complete 8bdf75fb7472: Pull complete 3e2397db260f: Pull complete 128266da978f: Pull complete 00d01d0098c4: Pull complete 0b9bf888f4ce: Pull complete Digest: sha256:5d2aa4a7b5f9bdadeddcf87cf7f90a176737a02a30d917de4ab2e6a329bd2d45 Status: Downloaded newer image for postgres:11 Pulling caddy (caddy:2)... 2: Pulling from library/caddy f97344484467: Pull complete f2a6867c1bed: Pull complete 19d9d0dc3dac: Pull complete 0818fab46ac8: Pull complete fef202eac441: Pull complete Digest: sha256:5a90d69c3dfec48f2cb45a40f5311f85a36d88153cb028dfb3208ce652f65c64 Status: Downloaded newer image for caddy:2 Pulling redis (redis:6)... 6: Pulling from library/redis 60197a4c18d4: Pull complete 649d52ef4fd9: Pull complete 15708d2d5b0f: Pull complete 3724719cb2ba: Pull complete ba2396ef8d9b: Pull complete e92257fd9cc7: Pull complete Digest: sha256:1519f4ffae7cd817ccde6c4e651101404b1e27616b2015fc1be2f728b619773a Status: Downloaded newer image for redis:6 Building backend ERROR: dockerfile parse error line 52: invalid value $UID for uidThanks.

Apologizes I’m not sure we it make it clear that buildkit needs to be enabled to build our images. Can you try again again after setting the following two env variables


Will update the docs for the next release!

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Do I have to add these two lines in .env file or dicker-compose.local-build.yml file ?

Run them in your bash prompt as commands to set them for the rest of the session. They might work in the .env not sure.

You can also just prefix every docker compose command with them like so DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 COMPOSE_DOCKER_CLI_BUILD=1 docker-compose ...