Github Issues <--> Baserow Synchronization

I am really loving Baserow. It’s increasingly shaping up to be a central hub for me. That said, given that the project is still young it seems it’s also young on synchronization integrations. Specifically, I would love to be able to have a two-way synch between github issues for repositories and Baserow.

There are companies like Unito that do this but they focus on the big task managers like Clickup and Asana and Basecamp and Jira.

Just putting this out there in case anyone has any early success on creating two-way synchronizations for Baserow.

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Hello again @bfranklin!

As explained here: Table synchronization between different bases (Use case explained) - #6 by olgatrykush, the first step for us would be to brainstorm session on the syncing mechanisms we will use. If I have any updates on this topic, I’ll post them in the community :ok_hand:

Hey @bfranklin,

What sort of thing are you thinking of? Going from GitHub to Baserow sounds easy enough but what would you want to sync back to GitHub?

I just want to be able to spend all my time in Baserow and not have to switch to Github to look at the latest issues or change their status or comment on them. Products like Unito ( do this sync for the big apps like Airtable and Clickup and Asana but haven’t written a two-way sync for Baserow … I have thought about trying it myself using Pipedream but haven’t take the time to learn Pipedream yet. Looks cool though.

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@bfranklin I was thinking it could probably be done with n8n as well and I could get an example together if you had a specific set of requirements to start with.