How do I add my templates on the baserow templates site?

How do I add my templates on the baserow templates site Templates // Baserow

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@HiramFromTheChi users are not able to contribute to templates as of now are they? Or do you just write the JSON and add it to the templates directory?

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Hello @anon6366911, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

@Alex you’re right, users are not able to add new templates to the Baserow directory for now. But @anon6366911 I can also suggest you reach out and share your idea with @HiramFromTheChi, he is the Head of Templates here at Baserow. We would love to know what template you want to contribute :raised_hands:


New templates could be added by opening a merge request with a new template in this directory (backend/templates · develop · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab). A template could be created by exporting a database.

Whether a template would be accepted to Baserow is another thing, but if it is useful and high-quality, I don’t see a reason why not!

Something to note about templates is that the database component is just one aspect of it—there’s also the written portion that goes into it, which is another component. As @petrs said, we want templates to be useful and high-quality, which includes making sure that they’re consistent and that they fit the framework we’ve developed.

With that said, @anon6366911 please do reach out with your template, and we’ll work to make it happen. :slight_smile:


@petrs @olgatrykush Hi everyone! Can someone help me?

I’m using Baserow to store some personal financial management data. I made a csv list of the main banks in Brazil that operate in the financial area. My idea would be to have a list of banks that I can check if they are present in the bank slips I pay monthly on things like: netflix, amazon, online games, etc.

For example, let’s say I’m going to enter a value of 100 $ for some cloud service that I pay monthly, the cloud service company usually has a bank associated with this. So, I add to the base rom the value of 100 dollars that is associated with this company with which I have a contract. In that sense, my database shows the list of banks.

I check the amount of the bill that was paid and the associated bank. So I have a list of permanent records on the inflows and outflows of my personal money. It turns out that in my case, I have some people I want to share my personal expenses with, for example, my husband, husband or girlfriend.

Hence the problem, this person who is with me has another bank account to which he also makes payments. That’s why it’s interesting to have a list of banks - because when you share it with someone and if someone is interested, you can create your own list of bank records to which you are associated with a bank of your interest.

These data that I have access to here are open data. So the license is open - that is, it is public and available to anyone. This same list of banks that I put could be used for several countries. There is one more problem: we can have different banks for each country, which can be difficult to maintain in the Baserow database.

So I wanted to share this template on Baserow as the list would be updated from person to person so I don’t have access to someone else’s finance data, only the list of banks people make updates to in the template from Baserow.

a good visual example:

a good source-code example 1:

id,,to describe,,recurrence,year,type,value
2,003,food,BCO DA AMAZONIA S.A.,diary,26/08/2022 02:46,output,20
128,265,clothing,BCO FATOR S.A.,monthly,01/08/2022 02:46,output,20
174,630,apartment,BCO INTERCAP S.A.,monthly,10/05/2022 02:46,output,5
200,202,netflix,BCO INTERCAP S.A.,monthly,08/08/2022 02:46,output,10
201,111,money,BCO FATOR S.A.,monthly,18/08/2022 02:47,input,100

a good source-code example 2: file.csv

This sounds to me as a very niche idea. May I ask why do you want to track your expenses this way? What is the benefit? Perhaps this is important in Brazil, I just don’t understand the use case.

Hello @anon6366911! Thanks for the contribution :blue_heart:

A personal finance management system is a very useful use case, and your idea may be a nice addition to this template we’ve already have. @HiramFromTheChi, here is another contribution for you to check :sweat_smile:


My list of banks is very complete, would it be possible to send a pull request containing this list of banks within the model?

My database model for personal finance is simple. I gave the example of Brazil, but there are other countries I would like to add. For example, on international trips you buy something on the way like clothes or sneakers etc. So it is interesting to put which bank you used on the international trip.

Hey @anon6366911, to echo Petr’s sentiment, I’m having a little bit of trouble wrapping my head around the use case for the template.

Could you help us understand the specific purpose of it? As I currently understand, you’d like to create a repository of international banks and their codes, and sort of open source it so that others contribute bank codes—is this correct?

Hi! @HiramFromTheChi

As I currently understand, you’d like to create a repository of international banks and their codes, and sort of open source it so that others contribute bank codes—is this correct?

  • exactly!

an question

So, I can’t share my personal finance model to other people, because you all don’t allow it or don’t want to?

Why is it important to connect an expense with a specific bank?

  1. Because I want.
  2. My database model for personal finance is simple and it depends on it.
  3. With this, I can have a list of banks associated with my expenses, which allows an in-depth audit of my financial expenses.
  4. I can be sure of the banks to which I recorded my expense.
  5. There is a category of templates where users can share their Baserow data models. In this case, my request is in accordance with what is possible here.
  6. Transparency is a value I like and I want to show everyone. With this list of banks, I can have that.

I hope this has answered your question.

Hi @anon6366911 ,

I think there is a bit of confusion here about what exactly Baserow Templates are.

A Baserow template is a database design with fake data to help people get started quickly. It isn’t intended to be used as a data set/data model, nor as a source of valid data for people to use. A Baserow template in other words is simply a fake example database showing how you could setup tables to achieve some generic task.

Where-as instead I believe what you want to publish a public dataset of banks.

We do want to support using Baserow as a tool to distribute and collaborate on datasets, in a similar way that Gitlab allows people to distribute and work on code. We haven’t fully figured out exactly how this would look yet.

Do you have any ideas for changes we could make to Baserow to let you easily share your bank dataset and let others use and suggest changes to it? My initial thoughts on missing features that would be needed are:

  1. Allow easily sharing an entire database publicly
  2. Allow simple importing of someone else’s database from a different Baserow instance (or into your own self hosted version
  3. Some way of syncing back changes to the original dataset you “cloned” from
  4. Some way of discussing a dataset in Baserow itself, both at a higher level but also on a per row/field/table level.
  5. Some change log per dataset to see what has happened.
  6. Perhaps even some way of “linking” to a public table in some other Baserow without having to import it at all.

@nigel Hi!

Yes I know this for the following reason:

  1. So answering briefly, my personal finance model is fake, because not everyone will use it.
  2. And there is not much interest in my simple model of finance for everyone in the world.
  3. In addiction, there is another problem as mentioned here there are other models available.


  • There would be at least for me or a small group of people like friends, business partners, etc.
  • And my bank list request was just an example I posted.*
  • My goal is not to remove these finance models that were created, but to add my model to the existing finance models group. Because, I think everyone likes different options.
  • So… I put the simple finance model in the templates tag, in case someone uses it since they can’t send a pull request on Baserow’s GitLab.
  • Anyway, I hope to help someone.

I thought the same as you thought with the following difference (reason):

I asked what the Baserow differential was, as there is a software called Rows. I think that before creating features, we should keep in mind what are the best features that Baserow can be compared to other software in the same market like Airtable, NocoDb, LibreOffice etc. This is still being thought and planned not by me, but by you (the Baserow community and the Baserow IT technical team)

the software called Rows that allows you to share data in the following way: 1) private 2) public 3) in a guest/restrictive way. So I think it would be interesting to have more sharing options like: private, public, invited (people who will access Baserow without registration). These ways of sharing data allow you to select the option that is best for you. I say this idea here as I still can’t find a Baserow feature about choosing the data sharing option.

I think in that sense this could be interesting for Baserow, because if I can share my data and I have a history of changes, I can keep track of what has been modified or what has been shared.

I think your points are correct, but I would complement it with more sharing options.

Thank you all so much for the heart, feedback! Huge affection to all of you!

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