How to get baserow to recognize and link a code in csv to existing table?

I am trying to populate my database with historical data I have stored in spreadsheets about plant species collection locations and other ecological data. We use a 6 letter code (unique) as a shorthand for each species we work with for example ACHLEM = Achnaterum lemonii (a grass). I have created a table that lists every species we work with and its associated 6-letter code along with some other general info about the species. I want to import new data into another table and somehow have baserow read and recognize those codes in the new data. I want to do this because my historical data tends to have species spelling errors but the 6-letter codes are pretty reliable.

When I bring in my historical data I use the species code as the key (leftmost column). How do I get baserow to recognise that ACHLEM in my historical data matches the other data I have already built in for my species list?

I’m guessing I need to use n8n or something similar but I feel out of my depth in setting that workflow up correctly. If I were to do it in excel for example I would use the Vlookup formula. What is the method on Baserow to achieve this?

Hi @Kprive, it sounds like you’re looking for this feature: This is not yet possible currently, but it’s relatively high on the issue list. Meanwhile, you could use a tool like n8n, Zapier or Make to make it happen using an automation.

Hi @Kprive, we’ve published a tutorial on building this workflow using Make: How to update existing rows when importing CSV files with Make automation