Integration with Make (formerly Integromat)

As Baserow is already in Zapier (and currently in Beta), I would love to see a Baserow app in Integromat (now I could try to make a Baserow app in Integromat/Make, but I rather have you guys see if you can build a Baserow app for Integromat/Make

Hey @mikey186, we plan to focus on integrations and new partnerships in the upcoming months. Let’s see, maybe we’ll manage to get Baserow added to Make :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @mikey186! The integration Baserow x Make is live now, check it out: :raised_hands:

Hi Olga. Would you like to add a screenshot from this thread to the Baserow - Make integration doco, might help people out? I can capture more examples in that thread as well as I work them out, mostly around populating the Query parameters. :slight_smile: Baserow to integration... API calls with multiple filters - #9 by DataGecko

Hey @DataGecko, that’s a great idea. Please feel free to add some examples. I believe they will be very useful to future readers of this thread. :raised_hands: