Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday [May/June]

Hello-hello :wave:

This is a thread to welcome all of our new Baserow members. Maybe you are new to the community and still figuring it out, or maybe you’ve been here for a while but haven’t had the chance to say hello! Either way, we want to welcome you in our community, so don’t be shy — pop in and introduce yourself!

Don’t know what to tell? Use the template below:

  • My current role is:
  • My current location is:
  • You can ask me about:
  • I use Baserow for:
  • I like Baserow for:

Please reply below to introduce yourself! We’re already happy to e-meet you :hugs:

I was suggested Airtable but I prefer open source. I’m planning a vertical farm and sinxe that’s a lot of plants and other things that need to be maintained on an exact schedule is Basedrow going to meet this functionality? What I’d like is a UPC or something for each tower and just scan the barcode or whatever and then if I’m out doing stuff and I see a problem then I can just tag it and know exactly where the issue is. Or where to go if something needs nutrients or to be harvested or fed or a cage to be cleaned. I know there is probably agricultural software available but figured I’d ask since this was suggested.

Hi Just joined.

Looking into Baserow as a basis for a product that we are developing in the commodity trade space, which would be a combination of an ERP (planning to combine Baserow with low code and no code solutions such as Appsmith, Tooljet, Budibase.) and as a database for various analytics. Which would mean we will look to run it on premise and in cloud, likely also connecting to cloud ERP such as e.g. Microsoft Dynamics.

All is very new to be honest, so just starting out. Haven’t tried the solution, just reading docs so far to see if there might be any functional gaps.

  • My current role is: Company Owner, commodity trader, Developer.
  • My current location is: Netherlands
  • You can ask me about: collaborations, knowledge sharing etc.
  • I use Baserow for: not yet
  • I like Baserow for: See it as a way too scale my development team by using my analists.

Hello @TheInternet, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Baserow indeed can be a good fit for your use case. You can use many field types like number, rating, boolean, date, single select for tags, and collaborator (we don’t have a barcode field type yet, but it’s in the roadmap). You can also drag and drop your files and make fast calculations with the formula field. You can create different tables for different data. Tables function like spreadsheets in that you can sort, filter, aggregate your data, and modify many other table features. Baserow also lets you see tables in several ways as a grid of rows and columns, gallery of cards, form, calendar, or kanban boards.

The best way to figure out if Baserow is the right tool for you is just to spend a few hours and play with it. If you have any questions along the way, you can check the user documentation and simply ask here in the community forum.

You can also connect with @bgschust who uses Baserow to connect local farmers with local buyers to ask for feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @MikeOnlineable, welcome to the Baserow :wave:

Great to see that you consider having Baserow as part of the technical stack for your project. We have some tutorials on how Baserow can be used with AppSmith, ToolJet and Retool which you may find useful to check. And if you have any questions while you’re discovering Baserow, just hit a ‘new topic’ button and ask here the community :raised_hands:

Hi guys,

I don’t know how it started …
I guess, that 6 months ago I found baserow as a module in make as an alternative to airtable.
And then – first – I started to search for an open-source-alternative to make with the result of appreciating n8n.
Now it’s time to replace airtable step by step.
And now, here I am. :upside_down_face:

My current role is: Founder, Engineer, Speaker & Trainer
My current location is: Switzerland
You can ask me about: Social Threefolding :wink:
I want to use Baserow for: Projects (personal & social)
I like Baserow for: It is open-source so that its basic idealism can’t be the idea and mindset of capitalism :innocent:

Next I will have to leave Active Campaign.
Any open-source recommendations? :sweat_smile:

Best regards

Hello Martin :wave:

We are glad to have more open source enthusiasts on board — thanks for your intro. Always feel free to start a new topic whenever you have a question, feedback, or suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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