Lookup data field - limitation if filtering is needed

I am playing with the Lookup data field type and I found a HUGE limitation. Let’s say I want to use this field type in my main table to auto fill-up the data from selected column of another table. This works great.

But unfortunately, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO USE LOOKUP FIELD TO SET AND WORK WITH IT IN FILTER! :frowning: Such a limitation. Why?

Is there any workaround how to do it?

If not, I suggest you to add this functionality in baserow. Right now, I am working with about 6000 rows in my main table and I have to fill one more column manually in every row (Link to table, then manual click) instead of having it auto-filled, only because I have a need to use this column in filters as well (which is impossible with Lookup field type).

I think this could have a high priority, as it can be soooo much helpful for lots of baserow users, in different scenarios.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @marcus, it’s indeed not possible to filter on the Lookup field type. For now, you can use the filter formula function to achieve the same effect. Here is an example: LookUp with conditions - #3 by nigel.

Could you please describe a little bit more, how can I use this workaround? Should I make a new table and create a formula field? Or can I simply put the formula in the filter and what syntax should it be? I would need your help with it.
Looks like it’s not very friendly for a basic database user… but if this can be created once and then used later, why not?

@nigel described here how it works: LookUp with conditions - #10 by nigel. Hope it helps. :raised_hands:

We also plan to add the ability to filter on lookup fields: Lookup Fields/Formulas should be filterable/colorable/aggregatable in the grid view (#676) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.