Manually importing a CSV file to update inventory quantity

I have a inventory list with quantity levels that are changing from an outside source. I have the ability to generate a CSV file to update the levels in Baserow so I can then use Baserow to analyze the inventory with additional information I have created in Baserow. How can I upload a CSV file to update my inventory quantity? I will want to do this on a regular basis so that everytime I import a CSV the inventory numbers are updated with the most current quantity. Thanks for the help!


It sounds like you will need an automation service that runs once a day and synchronises your outside source with your Baserow base. Such a service can be set up with a tool like Zapier, Pipedream or n8n.

Depending on what your outside source is, it would not be necessary to export the data to a csv first but you can synchronise it directly with your base.

@joffcom can provide assistance when you want to develop the automation with n8n



This was essentially discussed in Inventory management and linking with Shopify - #7 by Alpha

I’m looking into the option starting off completely manually. So I would import my csv file manually. As far as I can tell no one has provided instructions on how this is done in baserow. Thanks everyone

Hey @Alpha :wave:

Within your database, create a new table and choose Import a CSV file:

Thank you for the support. Sorry if this is obvious but I have a follow-up question. So lets say I have a database which says I have 20 apples and 30 oranges. If I import a new table as you suggest that says 15 apples and 25 oranges will that then update my inventory levels. So if I run a report it will say I have 15 apples and 25 oranges. Then going for I just keep importing new tables…Thanks

If you’re uploading new CSV files and creating new tables after every new CSV import, correct. Every new import will be a new table.

This creates redundancy, though, which is not ideal in a database. Hence why Alex and Frederik were recommending creating an automation that would update the same inventory table, rather than creating multiple tables with the same data types and fields. :slight_smile: