Move a database to a different group?

I might be missing something really obvious but I can’t find anything in the UI that allows me to move a database to a different group.

I searched this forum as well for “relocate database” and “move database” and don’t seem to see anything.

If the operation is unclear, here is more clarity: I just have one group for personal databases and one for work databases and the work group I share with the team and the person I don’t. I now have, however, one personal database I want to share with the team so I want to move it into the team group.

Thanks for any direction on this!

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Hey @bfranklin :wave:

Perhaps not the ideal solution you were looking for in terms of a one-click migration, but something you could do in the meantime until this feature ships is to export the tables that you want to move out of the current group and import them into the database that lives inside your work group.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @hiram. I guess this hasn’t been roadmapped yet? Glad I wrote it then to see if others find themselves in the same bind I’m in.

Sure thing @bfranklin—I can’t speak to the ETA of specific features, but the dev team constantly works to incorporate and deliver everyone’s suggestions.

There’s quite a lot! :sweat_smile:

I’m sure you’re not alone in your request, and there may be others that interest you as well. GitLab is typically the best place to keep tabs on this.