Moving the upload files to the "www" directory instead of Docker "var" directory?

Change Wanted

I’m on Ubuntu and I’d like to see if I can change the location of my volume to a www path on my filesystem and outside of the standard volumes directory in the Docker folder inside the var directory.

Desired location

Volume: /var/lib/docker/volumes/baserow_media_data/_data/media/user_files
Media files: /var/lib/docker/volumes/baserow_media_data/_data/media/user_files


      - media_data:/baserow/data

Thoughts on a solution

I am looking at the docs for different ENV variables to alter this and there are a few possibilities. There are some that seem to allow you to offload everything top S3 and then one that allows for the altering of the media file location only while keeping the other information side the docker volumes folder. I think, ultimately, I am okay with moving all data like this to the “www” directory (i.e. not just the uploaded user files)

Why I want this

I just spend more time in the www directory and it’s nice to monitor everything there. Additionally, if I needed to directly link to a file stored inside Baserow this wold allow me to do that using a simple like like (or something similar)


Baserow is a great project! Three cheers. Thanks to the team once again.

@bfranklin you can do this with docker-compose's volumes itself without having to change any Baserow configuration.

Instead just change the volumes section to:

      - /www/wwwroot/

See Use bind mounts | Docker Documentation for further details