PageUp / PageDown not working in

I’ve just started testing and am unable to use PageDown/Pageup for paging my test table in Grid view (Windows 10, Opera or Edge web browsers).
It’s disappointing as even my mouse 3+4 buttons don’t work for fast scrolling (presumably configured as PgUp/PgDn keys). All I can do is scroll the mouse wheel or use the window scrollbar to browse the table quicker down/up.
Is this by design in Baserow or am I doing something wrong?

Hello @Dowiew, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

We currently do not have support for the Page Up/Page Down shortcut in Baserow. How would you expect this shortcut to work? Do you agree with what @marcus suggested in this thread: Keyboard Shortcut Feature Request for Selecting Cells Even Faster?

Hello @olgatrykush, all I expect is PgUp/PgDn to work as in Excel, Google Sheets etc. - to quickly scroll the grid up/down by one page (screen).
It works in every online database/spreadsheet app I’ve been testing with my students (I am a university teacher) - AirTable, Grist, SeatTable, etc. My students had to identify several features of such apps, working with one or two tables (depending on relational features availability), 2K rows of some products each. They all complained in their reports that in Baserow they were unable to quickly locate a part of the table they wanted (to see if some product is there - in a sorted table). Now you can only use mouse wheel or scrollbar scrolling, or searhing. All they are spreadsheet power users and wanted just to use the natural Page Down key, like in Excel. This week I verified the keys actually don’t work and this is so surprisingly strange as all the other similar applications or web apps have this feature.
It’s not only my students but also my disappointment, that a user can’t page down through the data rows quickly with just one obvious key, designed for that.

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