Rename table on import

When wanting to import back a table I have exported, the newly created table keeps the default name Table if I forget to fill the textarea in the dialog that opened.

Since importing a table means a user will certainly rename it with a similar name as the exported one, we could either :

  1. Rename the table with the same name as the imported one, ie. if the imported one was named customers, the new table is named customers
  2. Rename it with a addendum to differenciate it from the original one, ie. if the imported one was named customers, the new table is named customers (import) or customers (copy)

These two first solutions implies using the name of the imported file to determined how to rename the new table.

  1. Table is created and name of the table is automatically erased, waiting for the user to immediately fill it.

This third solution looks not the best option in my opinion since it’s against the POLA, in which the normal behavior is to return to main screen, not to rewrite a table name.

Personally I like suggesting the table name as the name of the file you are importing.

This feature might also help when you are importing a file that isn’t an export.

One concern I have is that you are already able to edit the table name before you upload a file. So any name you inserted prior to uploading the file will be deleted.

Maybe there is some fun UX way of making a suggestion to the user like “hey look, we could use this name (based on the file name)” and then they can confirm that somehow without it being too intrusive.

This could a message banner, like the alert / success /info that are displayed in the top right of the screen

If possible, it could display the message :

Table successfuly imported
New table was renamed customers
Change name

… in which by clicking on **Change name it erases the name of the table and enter in edit mode with blinking cursor.

Hey @dynnammo, this feature request was also accepted: Rename table on import (#1613) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

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