Sign up to the Baserow Community on the Discourse Hub

What is Discourse Hub?

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Why enroll the Baserow community in the Discourse Hub?

  1. Apparently the Baserow Community uses Discourse as far as I know, looking at the layout and some general stuff. In this sense, it would be interesting to show that Baserow uses Discourse software.
  2. I believe this can generate more networking, given that those who access the Discourse Hub site know many open source projects, and thus can contribute more in Baserow. Visitors to the site may be interested in Baserow, as well as other open source projects.
  3. Also, with this idea I help both Baserow and Discourse. It’s a way I realized today, because Baserow I think is an amazing software and could be a case in terms of forum that uses Discourse.
  4. It’s just an idea, and I could be wrong. Contribute, put your criticism, strengths and weaknesses here are welcome.


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I like the idea of sharing the Baserow community on platforms like Discourse Hub. Not sure how to submit the Baserow to their website.

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