Simple finance by higomi9763 ;D

Hi all!

my template

id,,to describe,,recurrence,year,type,value


id,,to describe,,recurrence,year,type,value
2,003,food,BCO DA AMAZONIA S.A.,diary,26/08/2022 02:46,output,20
128,265,clothing,BCO FATOR S.A.,monthly,01/08/2022 02:46,output,20
174,630,apartment,BCO INTERCAP S.A.,monthly,10/05/2022 02:46,output,5
200,202,netflix,BCO INTERCAP S.A.,monthly,08/08/2022 02:46,output,10
201,111,money,BCO FATOR S.A.,monthly,18/08/2022 02:47,input,100


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For future readers, the initial discussion of this request took place here: How do I add my templates on the baserow templates site? - #6 by higomi9763.

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