Synoptic for API use to store mobile keyin

I want to develop a mobile app to key-in data so to populate a table on BaseRow.
Do you have please a synoptic how to use the API mainly to log to the base via the API ? What are the parameter to set or store before in the app, what to ask the user ?

Hello @Productivix, can you please share more details about your use case? Do you want to use API to ‘Create row’ in your app?

We can also advise you to check out these tutorials to get an understanding of how to use the Baserow API in practice:

yes I saw those pages - this does not answer my search.
I will propose a mobile tool to add rows from a mobile . We will verify the user . The mobile app will have the weblink to the baserow, the token , the table names but not your name with an Id.

Hi @Productivix!

If I understand correctly, you want users of your mobile application to submit data to Baserow? Are these users also Baserow users?

If they have a Baserow account, you could then use JWT token authentication to use email/password to obtain a JWT token and then pass it in in the Authorization header.

This is the endpoint to call to obtain the JWT token: Baserow API spec

Then pass the authorization header (Authorization - HTTP | MDN) with every request that you are doing on behalf of the user in the format JWT <token>.

Is this what you meant? Or are you building an app where users are not Baserow users?

hi @petrs ,
thank you .
I wil study also the second solution please “an app where users are not Baserow users” if you do not mind, could you tell me ? thank you per advance.

We’ll have a call with Tony and me this afternoon, will probably clear some things out! :hugs:

In that case you are managing the users yourself, and hence don’t authenticate them with Baserow. You can use a database token that you create in Baserow UI. However, it might not be a good idea to bake this token in the mobile app, so ideally you have your own backend that will use the token, so that the mobile app doesn’t communicate with Baserow directly.

I wanted to make a quick recap of our call with both William from Productivix and Tony + me:

  • the call lasted 70min, would probably be better to have it async on Discord (because of the point below mainly :point_down:t2:)
  • french :fr: was quite a big deal, we should probably consider having a French help section (or more depending on our community’s locale)
  • Productivix’s business plan is mainly to have people using some portable device where you’ll input the needed info from a Baserow instance
  • instance that the user will create and handle on their side for privacy concerns (and William is not willing to be in charge of managing the data himself)
  • the rest will be mainly focused on using the API for the authentication part + adding new lines to the respective user tables (should have a defined schema of 3 tables per database)
  • William would have loved getting a similar project done by somebody that he could get inspired checking the code (using JS/React native), the community page may greatly help on that one

Feel free to ask any additional questions or provide any kind of feedback that you could have regarding the product here @Productivix (could be in :fr:, I’ll voice the feedback up to the team). :slight_smile:

hi all , thank you for your help, I have for the moment integrated the authentication part in my API and I will add the export feature to Baserow next days in the range of my apps.

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hi, to keep you posted, the input (from BaseRow to Mobile app) is developped now.
remains the other way : from mobile app to Baserow!