Today / Now date in formula

Is there anyway I can include Today or Now in a formula?
I want to compare a specific date field to TODAY date, and if it’s in the past I’ll return false.

The syntax I expected was to be like this:
if(date_diff('dd', field('end_date'), today()) > 0, true, false)

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What about doing it like Airtable, they only refresh the NOW() date when someone views the table
or maybe refresh today() date once everyday

Hi Peter,

came here looking for the solution to now( ) / today( ) date. Any chance this has already been planned and is put on the roadmap?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @audrius! Not yet, but we will discuss this feature requests once again with the team to see if we can give you some more concrete timeframes on when it’s gonna be released :raised_hands:

Hello @audrius, we will try to prioritize the development of these functions after releasing Baserow 1.13. I’ll keep you posted on the progress :raised_hands:

Here is the issue: Today / Now date in formula (#1251) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

+1 … my use case is to use this to create a “time ago” or “time since” output where I compare creation date to today and then output it like, “3.5 years ago” or “2 months ago” as we find reading time ago values easier than looking at a date.

I guess without a NOW or TODAY function this is impossible within Baserow, at present, unless I am missing something. Perhaps there is some Unix timestamp ability that might be a workaround?

Given this request is slightly different I created a dedicated post for it here: Time ago / time since formula example for Baserow (aka relative dates)

Hello everyone ! +1.
My use case :
I work for a company that want to migrate from Airtable to Baserow. I want to compare the today’s date with a future known date.
One column from Airtable is the following formula :

IF({Closing date}>TODAY(),‘In progress’,‘Closed’)

I migrate a database for an example in baserow and i’m trying to convert the formula :

if (field( ‘Closing date’) > (???) , ‘In progress’, ‘Closed’)

So, I was searching for a formula like TODAY but it seems inexistant.

I can’t use “date_interval()” because it’s a text output and a date output is expected.

To bypass the issue, I create a new column with today’s date but it’s not dynamic at all…

I’m following issue #1251 that was mentionned by @olgatrykush

Thank you for your help !

Hello @MacDarki, this feature is under development right now, so now() function should be available to use very-very soon thanks to @davide who is working on it :raised_hands:

@mahmouds12 @audrius @bfranklin @MacDarki we have great news :slightly_smiling_face:

The now() and today() formula functions were added to Baserow, so make sure to test them out!

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