Update on forum restructuring

Hey-hey, welcome to the community!

This is a friendly place to talk about Baserow and get help from the team and other folks just like you :handshake:

Recently we did some restructuring here, and below you can find tips on how to easily work with the Baserow Forum after the updates.

Check out a rough overview of the new forum categories:
β†’ Announcements: Used to broadcast updates, releases, and company news.
β†’ Baserow help: Do you need help with how to use Baserow itself? Give a shout on this channel and someone will help.
β†’ Feedback: Did you find a bug or have a suggestion on how to improve the exciting feature? Share your thoughts on this channel (better with a screenshot).
β†’ Features: Do you miss some functionality? Make sure to share your ideas here.
β†’ Templates: Do you have an idea or prototype for a template? Show them! We’re always happy to see what you come up with.
β†’ Made with Baserow: Showcase or promote your projects built with Baserow.
β†’ Introductions: Introduce yourself.

For the developers here, use these channels to connect with our engineers:
β†’ Technical help: Do you have problems with the self-hosted version or API? Ask here.
β†’ Integrations: Do you want to talk about the integrations, plugins or show off your custom-built scripts? This is the right channel for it.

Tags are now enabled: apply tags to your topics and filter topics by tags. We want to start using tags to organize content in a way that will be even more intuitive and simple for our members.

A few other spots to stop on:
Go over the Code of conduct. Before you begin chatting and making neat new friends, read the community guidelines.
Keep an eye on our openings. We love hiring our contributors, see the open jobs here.
Subscribe to us on Twitter. We’re sharing some feature overviews and users testimonials there, connect to see them.

That’s it, now feel free to react to this post with some nice GIFs so we understand if you like the forum restructuring! And if you have some suggestions or don’t like the updates, tell us β€” we value your opinion and any feedback is highly welcomed :raised_hands: