Was working fine then randomly, "Network Error"

Self-Hosted Installation and Setup Questions

How have you self-hosted Baserow.

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What are the specs of the service or server you are using to host Baserow.


Which version of Baserow are you using.


How have you configured your self-hosted installation?

1. Default except for BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL: http://base.DOMAIN.org

What commands if any did you use to start your Baserow server?


Describe the problem

I had downloaded and configured baserow, it was working perfectly fine. I have NPM setup and was able to access my instance at base.domain.org without issue.

While working on a grid, simply editing some data, I received “Network Error. Could not connect to the API server” as a pop-up in the top right corner.

After a refresh, I was shown this.

I am able to access my dashboard directly from base.domain.org but I get this if I try to click on the back button from the Network error screen after attempting to enter a table.

No networking changes were made between the server working and not working.

How many rows in total do you have in your Baserow tables?


Please attach full logs from all of Baserow’s services

Docker Terminal Log:

 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:54:00] [2024-01-19 17:53:00,006: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:54:00] [2024-01-19 17:53:00,035: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[a39e09f1-3c4e-4774-b327-485e1cd73682] succeeded in 0.02169707976281643s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:54:00] [2024-01-19 17:54:00,025: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[0af78e95-90b3-4cfa-b12a-492dcaf1756b] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:54:00] [2024-01-19 17:54:00,028: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[0af78e95-90b3-4cfa-b12a-492dcaf1756b] succeeded in 0.0020626625046133995s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:54:00] [2024-01-19 17:54:00,029: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[9051708c-923b-4e60-83fe-d6fbde772cd7] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:02] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:23] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:43] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:50] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "POST /api/user/token-refresh/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/settings/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/workspaces/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/workspaces/88/permissions/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/applications/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:54:56] - "GET /api/jobs/?states=%21finished%2C%21failed HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:55:00] [2024-01-19 17:54:00,023: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:55:00] [2024-01-19 17:54:00,051: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[9051708c-923b-4e60-83fe-d6fbde772cd7] succeeded in 0.02063069585710764s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:55:00] [2024-01-19 17:55:00,014: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[656d71fa-5e83-47a9-a6c1-8b473fb4dfff] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:55:00] [2024-01-19 17:55:00,017: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[656d71fa-5e83-47a9-a6c1-8b473fb4dfff] succeeded in 0.001971959136426449s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:55:00] [2024-01-19 17:55:00,017: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[aee9a48f-b5eb-4571-97bc-c772149f4d82] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:03] - "GET /api/user/dashboard/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "POST /api/user/token-refresh/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/settings/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/workspaces/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/workspaces/88/permissions/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/applications/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:04] - "GET /api/jobs/?states=%21finished%2C%21failed HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/user/dashboard/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "POST /api/user/token-refresh/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/settings/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/workspaces/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/workspaces/88/permissions/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/applications/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:08] - "GET /api/jobs/?states=%21finished%2C%21failed HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:11] - "GET /api/user/dashboard/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:11] - "POST /api/user/token-refresh/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:11] - "GET /api/settings/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:11] - "GET /api/workspaces/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:11] - "GET /api/workspaces/88/permissions/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:12] - "GET /api/applications/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:12] - "GET /api/jobs/?states=%21finished%2C%21failed HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:23] - "GET /api/user/dashboard/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:43] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:55:51] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:56:00] [2024-01-19 17:55:00,011: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:56:00] [2024-01-19 17:55:00,037: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[aee9a48f-b5eb-4571-97bc-c772149f4d82] succeeded in 0.01832165103405714s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:56:00] [2024-01-19 17:56:00,007: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[1cab9a6b-d9d6-4dac-a15d-3dfa5aaf25b9] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:56:00] [2024-01-19 17:56:00,010: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[1cab9a6b-d9d6-4dac-a15d-3dfa5aaf25b9] succeeded in 0.002135784365236759s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:56:00] [2024-01-19 17:56:00,011: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[0d1ff0f3-b6f1-4fce-9d1c-cb154a275b8e] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:56:03] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:56:24] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:56:44] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:56:51] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:00] [2024-01-19 17:56:00,005: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:00] [2024-01-19 17:56:00,035: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[0d1ff0f3-b6f1-4fce-9d1c-cb154a275b8e] succeeded in 0.023165263235569s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:00] [2024-01-19 17:57:00,018: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[2ce83814-e426-473b-bdb6-ed611470234f] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:00] [2024-01-19 17:57:00,021: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[2ce83814-e426-473b-bdb6-ed611470234f] succeeded in 0.0020872149616479874s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:00] [2024-01-19 17:57:00,022: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[7e9d2a26-4a99-4f49-bf3f-4e55a575ed17] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:57:04] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:00,015: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,385: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.contrib.database.export.tasks.clean_up_old_jobs() (baserow.contrib.database.export.tasks.clean_up_old_jobs)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:00,046: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[7e9d2a26-4a99-4f49-bf3f-4e55a575ed17] succeeded in 0.022792985662817955s: None  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,387: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.action.tasks.cleanup_old_actions() (baserow.core.action.tasks.cleanup_old_actions)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,388: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.contrib.database.export.tasks.clean_up_old_jobs[5c7fdb30-f3f1-47e2-bcaf-ce92400a381c] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,390: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.action.tasks.cleanup_old_actions[18202b3d-c7ee-4d7e-9b4b-549a09140785] received  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,389: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.jobs.tasks.clean_up_jobs() (baserow.core.jobs.tasks.clean_up_jobs)  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,391: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.trash.tasks.mark_old_trash_for_permanent_deletion() (baserow.core.trash.tasks.mark_old_trash_for_permanent_deletion)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,392: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.jobs.tasks.clean_up_jobs[b9d57e92-0a53-493b-ae09-81db83b965d0] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,395: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.trash.tasks.mark_old_trash_for_permanent_deletion[8e254c44-9a02-4a01-8981-0029cd307edc] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,398: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash[4b36a133-c0a8-4ad6-b415-d8d0601cb9b3] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,408: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-1] 417|2024-01-19 17:57:16.407|INFO|baserow.contrib.database.export.handler:clean_up_old_jobs:169 - Cleaning up 0 old jobs  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,409: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.contrib.database.export.tasks.clean_up_old_jobs[5c7fdb30-f3f1-47e2-bcaf-ce92400a381c] succeeded in 0.01853282656520605s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,431: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-1] 417|2024-01-19 17:57:16.431|INFO|baserow.core.action.handler:clean_up_old_undoable_actions:307 - Cleaned up 0 actions.  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,432: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.action.tasks.cleanup_old_actions[18202b3d-c7ee-4d7e-9b4b-549a09140785] succeeded in 0.020568152889609337s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,449: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.jobs.tasks.clean_up_jobs[b9d57e92-0a53-493b-ae09-81db83b965d0] succeeded in 0.015226280316710472s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,464: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-1] 417|2024-01-19 17:57:16.464|INFO|baserow.core.trash.handler:mark_old_trash_for_permanent_deletion:234 - Successfully marked 0 old trash items for deletion as they were older than 72 hours.  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,464: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.trash.tasks.mark_old_trash_for_permanent_deletion[8e254c44-9a02-4a01-8981-0029cd307edc] succeeded in 0.014015378430485725s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:57:16] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,480: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-1] 417|2024-01-19 17:57:16.480|INFO|baserow.core.trash.handler:permanently_delete_marked_trash:316 - Successfully deleted 0 trash entries and their associated trashed items.  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:57:24] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:57:44] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:57:52] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:58:00] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,393: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash() (baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:58:00] [2024-01-19 17:57:16,480: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash[4b36a133-c0a8-4ad6-b415-d8d0601cb9b3] succeeded in 0.014392852783203125s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:58:00] [2024-01-19 17:58:00,007: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[69a27f3a-1147-44cc-9f02-b946a32df58b] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:58:00] [2024-01-19 17:58:00,009: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[69a27f3a-1147-44cc-9f02-b946a32df58b] succeeded in 0.0019305618479847908s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:58:00] [2024-01-19 17:58:00,010: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[c961db76-6583-47e7-90ae-223c9adcaa33] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:58:05] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:58:25] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:58:45] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:58:53] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BEAT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:59:00] [2024-01-19 17:58:00,004: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email() (baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email)  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:59:00] [2024-01-19 17:58:00,030: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[c961db76-6583-47e7-90ae-223c9adcaa33] succeeded in 0.019172633066773415s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:59:00] [2024-01-19 17:59:00,005: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[51000aae-43a5-44bd-97de-c65271ee7690] received  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:59:00] [2024-01-19 17:59:00,008: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.beat_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[51000aae-43a5-44bd-97de-c65271ee7690] succeeded in 0.0020064469426870346s: None  
 [EXPORT_WORKER][2024-01-19 11:59:00] [2024-01-19 17:59:00,009: INFO/MainProcess] Task baserow.core.notifications.tasks.singleton_send_instant_notifications_summary_by_email[7f7ae790-a4a2-4479-a35e-fe5402446761] received  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:59:05] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  
 [BACKEND][2024-01-19 11:59:25] - "GET /api/_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  

Frustrating… but I discovered the issue. Google chrome wants to default to https (on both my laptop on phone). If I manually type http it will work. But occasionally moving between pages will default it back to https.

Chrome “Always use secure connection” is disabled.

I’d be fine using https but baserow doesn’t seem to like it when I configure https in the URL and change NPM to https and force SSL. I can’t access the webpage at all.

So in summary, when baserow and NPM are set as HTTP. I am able to access the login page and dashboard (if already logged in) even when chrome autofills https. But it won’t connect to the API server and I receive that error.

BUT, if I enable https then nothing works.

Hi @abite, I don’t have any experience with unraid, so I don’t know all the details here. But you’re using the all-in-one image, and it is possible to run it on https, Baserow can automatically get an SSL certificate for you.

  • You would need to expose port 443 as well.
  • You need to set the environment variableBASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=https://base.DOMAIN.org.
  • You need to set the environment variableBASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESSES=https://base.DOMAIN.org. (as described here: Install with Docker // Baserow)

As I said, I don’t know how unraid works. If there is a proxy between your container and unraid, then it might not allow you to propose the certificate up.

I never had problem with this (using baserow daily since January 2023), but yesterday I had the same incident, repeating few times in a short time. I had to stop my baserow docker container and start it again, from that moment it worked again. (Using Synology NAS, baserow is running in a Docker here, only on a local network - on http with a local IP address).

I’m using NPM (Nginx Proxy Manager) and have SSL certs through cloudflare which is working on all of my other dockers.

If I try to use https I set BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=https://base.DOMAIN.org, the website will work and I can access it via the https address, but I get the network/api issues.

If the certificate is managed by a proxy, then you don’t have to set the BASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESSES env var. The BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL must match the actual URL, but if you’ve changed it to https://base.DOMAIN.org, then all should be good.

@abite is there any way you can share some screenshots of the network/api issues specifically? Or maybe you can share the URL of your Baserow instance with be privately?

Hmmmm. After five days, it happened again. This is not good :frowning:
@bram what do you think - by what it’s caused?




I think I have to restart my baserow docker container again. Again, after 5 days of running.
This should’t be a problem of insufficient resources. My NAS has 32 GB of RAM and there is also SSD NVMe read/write cache and container’s resources are displayed like this:

My NAS resources:

My baserow instance is running only on a local IP address via http, not the https. (We don’t have and don’t want to have exposed to the internet at this moment.)

Hi @marcus, that is indeed strange. Do you have some output logs around the period this started happening? It would also be great if you can share any other resource constraints you might have, and the environment variables set.

Unfortunately I see there only logs 2 days back, all older are gone. So maybe next time.
What do you mean by “any other resource constraints you might have”?

My environment variables set is this:

hi @bram
today it happened again - “error loading dashboard” and “table not found”.
Shortly before that I again had again a problem with no data saved in cells and vice versa (after I succeeded to put data into a cell, then I had a problem to delete it - I triet maybe 3 or 4-times and after that I finally could delete it).

I described the issue with no saving data here:

My baserow was running 10 days (after I restarted it last time). I don’t think that it’s a problem of insuficient resources, my device has 32 GB of RAM, enough of drive space and fast NVMe SSD read/write cache, and I didn’t limit my baserow docker container resources.

Could I send you the log that I have exported (it’s html or csv format - what do you prefer, or I can send both). The incident occured somewhere between 15:53 and 15:58 UTC (or +1, that means 16:53 to 16:58 CET which is my timezone) today, which is Feb 16.

Log is about 16 MB so I would rather send it by private message as a link to download. Is it possible. Let me know!

Right now, my baserow is restarted (I did it, because we need to work with it just now).

Hi @marcus, it would be great to share the logs with me privately. I was speaking to @davide today, he mentioned that he already took a look at some logs, and he will get back to you on it soon.

sure, I will forward them to you immediately - can you give me your email address?