What can Baserow's monthly payment cost in the future and quote my clients well?

Hello, I recently adapted to Baserow.

But my question is this: I fear that after it stops being free, it may have high costs as I happen on other platforms.

The problem is not to pay it later, but it would be good to know if it will make the monthly payment very expensive, since I develop mobile applications and thus be more transparent with my new clients and not give them surprises in the future. Thank you very much and I look forward to a prompt response.

Hello @Diagonal, first of all — welcome to Baserow :wave:

Your question is fair and we understand your concerns. We do intend to announce paid plans, and in this thread, our founder Bram shared his thoughts regarding the future business model: Baserow free tier limits - #2 by bram.

I need to emphasize that all the pricing mentioned there is still subject to change.

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Hello thank you very much.
I even walked in and left a comment on the link you left.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
Best regards.

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I agree with @Diagonal about the question of prices in the long run.

But I have a little bit different situation.
I develop custom applications for my clients and Baserow could be a nice tool to integrate in my flow.
But manage a per-user plan can become a little complicate for me.
What about a fixed price? Maybe a per-domain base? I mean: I have client XYZ. Now XYZ pays XXX euros/year and you don’t mind if users are 1,2,10,or 100.
The limitation is that all the users must have a company email @xyz.com
Of course here I am speaking of a self-hosted solution.
Just an idea.

Hello @Baserow_rookie and thanks for your feedback on the business model! We do understand your point of view, but for now, we’re only going to introduce a per-user per-month pricing model. Seat-based subscription is the best choice as it seems a fairer way to price Baserow. In this case, our users are paying for their actual usage, not simply their access to the platform, or for their potential usage.

We believe that the Enterprise plan will cover the needs described here, you would be able to set up a corporate account with an unlimited number of users, but you would need to pay per user in the system. We plan to launch the Enterprise plan soon.

@Baserow_rookie One key thing to keep in mind is that the resource limits don’t apply if you are self hosting, which I believe you are. You can have unlimited users, rows, tables etc when self hosting on the free plan. It is only when using https://baserow.io that resource limits will apply and need to be paid for over certain thresholds.

@nigel Yes I just realized this point.
Sorry for the noise!