404 for my GET request

I would like to create a get request to get dynamically a specif row of my database
The request to query all the database works well but when I try this one (https://api.baserow.io/api/database/rows/table/130014/{row_id}/?user_field_names=true) then I have a 404 :
“{“error”:“URL_NOT_FOUND”,“detail”:“URL /api/database/rows/table/130014/{row_id}/ not found.”}”

If I replace {row_id] by a real id then it works but it’s not dynamic
It would be very helpful if someone has the solution

Hey @Max,

Typically in your code for the api request you would replace {row_id} with the id you need, this value is just a placeholder so that you know what to put there. It is basically as dynamic as you make it in your code.

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