500 internal server error on app hosted on baserow.site subdomain

Describe the problem

Hello, I’m hosting an app built with the application builder on a baserow.site subdomain but am getting a 500 internal server error.

I checked Baserow’s status page and it looks like a backend worker was down today for 9 min but other than that it says all services are online and operational.

I’m not sure if this is the best way to report a potential issue, would be happy to dm the specific site if you can’t look it up based on my account :slight_smile:

Hi @luckyhmm, this may have been during the time the new version of Baserow was being deployed. Is it still happening or has it now been resolved?


I tried a few hours ago in a different browser (Chrome) and it worked. It still showed the server error in my main browser Firefox until just now and I had to delete the cookies for it to serve the application properly.

All working now.

Thanks for the info @luckyhmm

I have reproduced the issue on my side and indeed, clearing the cookies for the site does resolve the issue. I’ve notified the team internally and we are investigating this further.

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