502 bad gateway error when using public views

I am using the SaaS version of Baserow.

I get an error 502 (bad gateway) when I navigate to a shared view. For example: All orders // Baserow shows

I have a similar issue when I leave a table open. I get the question to refresh the page like usually, but after refreshing the page it shows me a 502 error since a couple of weeks.

Hey @frederikdc, do you always see a 502 error, or does this only happen if you keep the tab open for a long time, and then after refreshing you would get it, and then after refreshing again it’s gone?

For my views in baserow, the 502 appears after refreshing when a table is open for a long time, but it does not disappear when refreshing again.

For public views, it appears directly after loading the view.

I did an additional test and it seems like the issue only occurs in the most recent version of Chrome. Firefox and Safari seems to work fine. Also the incognito modus of Chrome seems to work.

So, it will probably be a conflict with a Chrome extension.

I want to make sure this is not a problem in Baserow, because our servers can also respond with a 502 error in some cases. Do you have some sort of proxy/vpn like chrome plugin installed by any chance?


I disabled all my plugins, but the issue still remained. Next, I cleared my cache and browsing data and now the issue is solved. Looks like the error was on the client side (which is confusing with a 5xx HTTP error message)

Alright, glad to hear that it was resolved. Please let me know if you encounter the issue again, happy to help debug the problem further.

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Hi @frederikdc, I’ve actually identified the possible cause of the random 502 errors. It was related to a feature we recently implemented where the last opened view was stored in a cookie. If you have many tables, this cookie can become big. We had a limit in terms of the header size, and we’ve increased this limit so that it won’t happen anymore.