About how Baserow achieves collaboration

If possible, I would like to ask how Baserow achieves collaboration of all content through a websocket link. I have seen some related content, such as YJS and Y-Websocket, which may generate many websocket links during the use process. Therefore, I am very interested in Baserow collaboration, and what framework is used? Or independently developed? I would appreciate it if someone could share their views :laughing:

Hey @Chase

We don’t really do anything fancy.

As you correctly pointed out, we are using websockets for realtime collaboration. Every “event” that can happen in Baserow and should be updated in real time will be sent through that one websocket connection.

We are using django channels as the library.

If you want to have a deeper look feel free to take a look at this

Okay, I’ll take a look at what you said, thank you for your answer !