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Welcome to the Baserow AMA on automation with a top Certified Zapier Expert and #1 Zapier Community contributor.

Here’s a short instruction on how to participate and ask questions.

Step 1: Go here: AMA on automation with Troy Tessalone - Baserow.
Step 2: Click on the button ‘New Topic’:

Step 3: Type your question including a short title. You are not limited in the number of questions to ask, but please keep one question per one topic.
Step 4: Click on ‘+ Create Topic’ button here:

That’s it! Now you need to wait a bit until @troytessalone responds to your question. You can also ask follow-up questions to Troy’s response.

:exclamation: A quick reminder! This event doesn’t have any virtual component. And we’ll start the event by publishing questions that were asked beforehand, I’ll be posting them.

Hi everyone, glad to be here and looking forward to answering your questions!