About using HTTPS to access Baserow(Ubuntu 20.04)

I run Baserow on my own server and now want to implement HTTS access to Baserow through Nginx.
I’ve tried using Certbot, but there are some errors that I can’t solve, so I applied for a certificate and then configured Nginx, but it doesn’t seem to work


my nginx configuration:

Hey @Chase,

Can you share more about how you have deployed Baserow? Looking at the error message there are 2 environment options mentioned have you set those?

Hi,I use supervisor to run Baserow’s front-end and back-end, reference: Deprecated Guide - Installation on Ubuntu // Baserow, I have configured environment variables, I think this problem may be due to cross-domain ?

Hey @Chase ,

It looks like the frontend is still sending requests using http instead of https. Maybe you can play around with the env vars to make the frontend use https too?

I modified the backend url env parameter in supervisor’s configuration file, but still got the error