Action to delete a row?

Hi team,

Thanks for your patience and help as I work out the new App Builder.

Next question (let me know if I’m monopolising the forum or your time!)

I can’t seem to see any option to delete a row in the App Builder (eg via a button action). Is that right - and if so, are there any plans to add that functionality?


FYI, I’ve managed to find a dirty work-around using js in an IFrame and the Baserow API. It takes the row ID from the URL and uses a html request to delete the row. But it’s not ideal because I think you could pull the API key from the code using Chrome Dev tools. Ok for my use case because it’s private only for now, but not a real solution…

Hey Spook, thank you for your feed back.

The delete action is in our plans but I gave it a small boost in our priority Create a delete row action for local baserow (#2161) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

Hope you’ll be able to use it soon.

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Thanks so much! In the meantime I’m certainly learning more js (translation, ChatGPT is doing more js)