Active/disabled switch - feature request

This is the thing I was thinking about many many many times:
would you mind to add the enable/disable switch to filters, sort and group section? The same switch that is already implemented in search box, hidden fields and in filters.


In filters it is present only to disable them all, but not separate/selected filters or filter groups, or selected filters inside filter groups, which could be very useful.
The same in sort, where I could temporarily disable some sort criteria while others keep active.
And switches can be useful also in colors section to temporarily disable selected coloring criteria that I don’t want to delete and then create again later.

This could be very handy, time-saving and useful when manipulating with filters, sorting, rows coloring and grouping. The whole workflow could be much more flexible and versatile, without need of creating more and more views just because of one differen filter, sort, color etc.

One more idea for filter groups:
it would be also useful to have one extra thrashcan ikon to delete the whole filter group…

I love this idea! I will discuss it with the team. :ok_hand: