Add "labels" to form - simple text not associated with any field

This is a very simple idea - while making a sign-up form using baserow, I would like to add a little note before the submit button - something like “…and don’t forget to print and sign paper X”.

So a nice feature would be the ability to add a simple text into the form that just informs the user and is not associated with any data field.

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Hello @nto2kheu0, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Thanks for sharing your idea, I’ll make sure to discuss it with the team :slightly_smiling_face:

We could really use that too! With a long form, having texts here and there to break it into sections is pretty much necessary. In Airtable you can do it with a workaround - a “Single Select” field set to “List” with zero options added. We want to move from Airtable to Baserow and I’m worried our users will be confused trying to fill out our application form.

Hello @nto2kheu0 and @IndieSellersGuild, I have an update on this request—we’re going to keep things simple for the form view for now. We’re currently working on an application builder that will have some really cool advanced form capabilities, so stay tuned for that! :slight_smile:


Oh yes I am SO excited for the application builder lol. Gonna use the heck out of that.