Add software license information within the Baserow plans page

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One of the biggest problems for a common user is not knowing the difference between: business model (open core, bug-bounty, donations etc), software license (GPL, MIT, Unlicensed, Apache etc), source code types (proprietary , open, closed, public, free, floss, unlicensed, private) or types of software (plugin, operating system etc). ‘But this is expected, because usually when we talk about something technical it involves very technical areas: “software engineering”, “systems analysis and development”, “computer science”, “data science” etc ¹’. And ‘the user doesn’t want to’ or ‘doesn’t know about it’, or ‘the user knows little about these topic’.

But related to this (‘but this is expected, because usually when we talk about something technical it involves very technical areas, and the user doesn’t want to or doesn’t know about it, or the user knows little about these topic’), a specific problem is an empty discussion on the topic: ‘technology and knowledge’, because ‘the user doesn’t want to’ or ‘doesn’t know about it’, or ‘the user knows little about these topic too’.

Another problem is: ‘it is that with this we do not reach any conclusion’. That is, ‘from the point of view of ideas that can bring us together’. Although it is not an intentional feature of any technological discussion some final conclusion of several divergent ideas for a general idea that everyone may or may not agree on.

Paradox of lack of knowledge
It is paradoxical to think that lack of knowledge can, at the same time or not, may make it difficult for some users to make certain choices. At the same time that it may or may not also imply the lack of development of new technologies. And paradoxically is this something we don’t want to do or do we do without having the knowledge. At what point do we have knowledge about things in the world and at what point does our knowledge make it difficult to understand the things in the world that we want to solve?

Maybe I could be wrong or right about that, but that’s not something I’m going to think about right now, because ‘these questions can be very difficult to solve because they are so complex’. ‘From my point of view, there are no general and perfect solutions for the world, there are specific solutions that we may or may not be willing to help²’. Regarding the problem of ‘lack of prior knowledge’ on the part of some users about such matters, I would like to present a partial solution to this problem.

The specific problem I want to solve, is about the “Baserow software license”. So that, anyone can understand it easily. As I said at the beginning, there are conceptual and general problems that most people are unaware of or do not seek to know. And each of these problems can be inserted into a long theoretical discussion, academic or not (if you don’t want to discuss academically, that wouldn’t make sense). That’s why it’s interesting to select specific resolution issues.

This is interesting in part to reduce the scope of what we can solve less complex things. ‘Maybe my thinking is right’, because database nocode programs like Baserow solve the complex problem of “managing data” as: “backup”, “data replication” etc. As you can see here, we have a comparison of Baserow plans related to the features of the MIT software license.

Other things
This is one of my concerns whenever I participate or propose to help with technical questions here. And possibly this can be resolved or not with this idea that I report here. Another concern I have is this: the concern of knowing why people discuss what they don’t know. Perhaps this resource can help more Baserow users who are unaware of the conceptual differences that I initially presented.

Perhaps there is a mutually beneficial, mutually respectful and win-win relationship through this simple idea. Maybe we can dialogue coherently and then, one or more people maybe arrive at a specific and general solution that can solve certain problems or leave this problem that I report aside until it can be solved later with additional information by other people in the Basrow community .

There has always been little discussion about a foundation of knowledge in technology for most people, in that sense I mean from the point of view of study or deep knowledge of the area to help everyone. Perhaps this simple resource can help towards license knowledge.

1. All these areas of knowledge (“software engineering”, “systems analysis and development”, “computer science”, “data science”) are similar in terms of technological knowledge, but there are fundamental differences between each one. For example, just as there is a difference between “philosophers”, “students of philosophy”, “historians of philosophy” etc. For example, here “everyone works with philosophy”, but what changes is the purpose they want, desire.
2. When I speak of this, I speak of the epistemological problem of knowledge, as well as the 'problem of alignment in artificial intelligence etc.
3. I would like to know what the community thinks about this idea.

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Hey, thank you for sharing your feedback! One of my thoughts is that people who are not familiar with the MIT license may find it difficult to understand its meaning in this context.

We do have a short info about the Baserow license in the FAQ section. Maybe it’s a good idea to add more details on how it works there. What do you think?



thank you for comment. An idea: can we redirect the user to information about the open license (GPL, MIT, Unlicensed, Apache etc ), such as, which informs the conceptual, technical and legal differences between each one?

I’m happy with your comment, maybe most users want these answers in a FAQ rather than in a table. So I think it makes more sense, what you said here.


Awesome, I’ll make sure to add some details to this answer in the FAQ to make it clearer. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :ok_hand: