Advanced triggers for Webhooks

Hey y’all,

I’m currently trying to clean the mess at my company and get them to migrate away from Google Sheets to Baserow, which is looking really promising and worked amazingly during my little testing.

Since were making a lot of automations, triggered by webhooks, I wanted to share an Idea with you, and ask if you would be able or interested to integrate it into Baserow.

At the moment Baserow can trigger webhooks on 3 different ways (row updated, created or deleted).

An advanced Idea I had for better automatization and more efficient use, would be to add another option to the webhook triggers: Trigger a webhook and send the entire row if changes inside a specific column are detected.

If, as an example, a drop-down inside a specific column is changed it could send the entire row over a webhook. This would be a really amazing addition, since it wouldn’t send the row every time you update the contents, but only when you update a specific field.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this. I really like Baserow so far and hope to see it grow more and more :slight_smile:

Hello @one-juru! First of all, welcome to Baserow :wave:

Thank you for your kind words, we’re happy to hear you decided to migrate your company workflows to Baserow.

Your idea sounds like a great feature, we’re going to discuss the suggestion with the team at the nearest team call and I’ll get back to you with some updates afterwards. While exploring Baserow, feel free to share your feedback and other ideas :raised_hands: