AI writes a Baserow rap (16 bars + hook)

I asked AI to write a 16 bar verse about Baserow, along with a bridge and a hook. Here’s what it came up with.

Verse 1:
I used to struggle with my data, oh it was a mess
Excel sheets and sticky notes, couldn’t handle the stress
But then I found Baserow, my life has changed since then
With its open-source database, managing data’s a win

Verse 2:
From small businesses to large, Baserow’s got us all covered
No matter the industry, our data’s never smothered
With its intuitive interface, I can customize and adapt
And when I need help, their support team’s got my back

Now I’m not drowning in information, it’s all in one place
No more searching for hours, I’m saving time with grace

Baserow makes my life easier, no more headaches or strain
Organizing my data with ease, it’s never been the same
Collaborating with my team, we’re always on the same page
Baserow’s my go-to, it’s my data’s home base

Verse 3:
Before Baserow, I was lost, didn’t know where to turn
But now I’m confident in my data, it’s easy to discern
No more guessing or estimating, it’s all accurate and clear
Baserow’s made my life easier, that much is crystal clear

Verse 4:
The power of Baserow is unmatched, its features are top tier
From automating tasks to simplifying workflows, it’s all here
My team and I can focus on what we do best, our work
Baserow’s got our back, it’s our data’s trusted clerk.

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And now let’s hope Eminem is going to turn this into a song. :star_struck:

Maybe we can get this guy to do it