Airtable Automations for Baserow

What’s the best way to do automations in Baserow? Airtable has a built-in Automations feature which we use quite a lot.

We would like to automate whenever a record fits certain criteria that an email is sent out, using no-code. We are familiar with Make / Integromat, how do we trigger the automation to start?

The Baserow Zapier app has these available trigger:

  • Row Created
  • Row Updated
  • Row Created or Updated

You can follow that by a Filter step in the Zap.

Hello @yeehung

Baserow can be integrated with Zapier, Make/Integromat, n8n. Depending on your use case, you can trigger the automation to start in Make when a row is created/updated/deleted or get a list of rows from your existing table.

  • To send an email whenever a new row that fits the criteria is created - Use Baserow’s Watch created rows module to trigger the workflow, then add a filter between two modules so that the email is only sent when the row meets the criteria.

You can alternatively trigger the automation with Make’s Custom webhook module to watch when rows are created, updated or deleted in your Baserow table.

  • To get existing rows that fit the criteria - Use Baserow’s List Rows module to find and search/filter rows in a table.