Airtable import: Lookup field not supported?

We have an Airtable base with a lookup field that displays data from another table based on an adjacent table link field. Do you have plans to support this field type?

Hi @geoffatsource , we do support lookup fields and also lookup function in formulas that both work through a link field to another table. Is there something particular that you think doesn’t work in Baserow yet?

Hello @geoffatsource. We do have plans to add this functionality, but that is not a priority for now because you can easily create the lookup fields. Hope for your understanding :raised_hands:

We had another community request regarding the lookup import, you can also check our comments regarding it here as well: Automatic lookup conversions - #2 by olgatrykush.

Hey @petrs! @geoffatsource meant importing lookup field types from Airtable that are not yet supported :frowning:

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