Airtable style Typecasting possible?

Hi all.
Is there an equivalent of Airtable typecasting in Baserow?

e.g. in Airtable, when you POST a record which contains a linked field and if you pass the first column data and not the linked record id, it automatically:

  1. gets converted to the linked record id, if the data already exists
  2. creates a new record in the linked table and then links the newly created record with the first table

Hi @shrey!

No, Baserow doesn’t automatically cast data to their potential ids. As this would involve a performance penalty for all users, I am not sure whether we would be implementing something like this. Can you describe how/for what do you currently use it like this in Airtable?

Hi @petrs .
So, i use it in several of my interactions with the Airtable API, where a table contains linked fields (which is most of the times).

I almost never ‘retrieve & pass’ the id of the record to be linked.
I just pass the column data of the primary column, and the rest of the typecasting is done by the Airtable’s API, which is significantly more convenient for me. Especially, when a new record also needs to be created in the linked table (if it doesn’t already exist).

I see, we will discuss this in the team and will post an update here.

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So this is an interesting feature that we will consider to add in the future, but it is not an immediate priority.