Airtable Sync base data after first Importing

I face that, I have to Sync the data again from an Airtable base
because in my Airtable I have new records added and updated
and also in Baserow base, i add lookups, formula fields.

if there is a way to Sync the Airtable base to the Baserow base without Losing the new Baserow fields

Since you created a new topic about this I deleted your post in the other topic to prevent confusion.

Hello @kyrillos!

That is not possible yet, but in Baserow 1.11 we are going to introduce the feature ‘Import additional data into existing tables’, so quite soon you will be able to sync data more easily :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @kyrillos! Great news, from now on, it is possible to import additional data into existing tables. You can import an existing CSV file, a JSON file, or just paste table data. Hope this feature will make your work easier :raised_hands:

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