Alert/Notification with specific triggers

Hi, team!

I’ve been using Baserow for my daily tasks and appreciate how it helps me. However, I want to ask you about one technical issue:

Issue Name: Alert/Notification while being assigned

  • For my tasks, I collaborate with several team members (for this I create a tab “Team Member” and assign my team members there (using “Collaborators”))

  • I also have a tab “Bug and Issue” for my client to raise any bug or issue encountered during the tasks. To assign the team member to a specific issue, I use “Link to Table” and select “Team Member” tab

  • This “Bug and Issue” tab also has status types to help us monitor the bug status, such as (i) Open, (ii) Need more info, (iii) On progress, (iv) Retest, (v) Completed, (vi) Reopen

  • However, I find that the assignee gets no alert/notification while being assigned and if there is any update on the bug status, impacting in the low awareness and slow bug fix. Therefore, it is quite stressful to do manual check every several minutes/hours just to check whether there is any issue raised or not.

What I expect is that there will be alert/notification (through email) for these triggers:

  1. Assignee will get notification if being assigned
  2. Bug raiser will get notification if there is any status update on the issue he raised
  3. Assignee will get notification if there is any status change into “Reopen”

Could you please help me with this issue? Thank you!

Hi, welcome to the community.

When assigning a team member in a Collaborators field, they should receive a notification when they are assigned to a record.

However, there is currently no support for sending notifications on record updates. You can attach a webhook to a table and use an external automation service like n8n to set up such a system. You can find more information about webhooks in the documentation: Webhooks // Baserow

Hey @grace, we’re thinking about adding a feature that allows users to ‘watch’ rows for changes and receive notifications for any updates. What are your thoughts on this solution?

Hi @olgatrykush , woah that’s very nice of you. Sure sure, I’d love to have this feature to help me with the issue. To confirm, users will get emails for every changes or updates, am I correct?

Hi hii @olgatrykush apologize for rushing. Please provide me with the updates yeah, thank you!

Hey @grace :wave:

I think so, but we’ll know all the details when we start working on this feature. I’ll keep you posted. :ok_hand:

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