Align image in repeat element

Hi there,

is there a way to align the fields below an image (in a repeat element) so that they all are on the same height? See image. I’d like to have the brand names lined up nicely, below their logo’s.

if not, please add this feature :sunglasses:


If I understand it correctly, you have logos with a different height and you want the brand names to be on the same height?
I see two approaches in this case:

  • Set he Max height property of the Image element. However, this might break the aspect ratio of the image. In that case you need the second solution.
  • Wrap your image in an iFrame element. You can use the HTML tag to show the image and offer the iFrame a fixed height. The tag has several attributes to configure the width, height and aspect ratio.

The iframe element soft of works, but I consider it a hack. Align=center and valign=middle tags don’t seem to work (where as align=right does, work, weirdly enough).

‘native’ support would be better… :sunglasses:

I’ve created this issue to deal with such layout: Find a way to align row in a repeat element (#2766) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

I think the best approach is to allow a repeat element to generate a table instead of columns, what do you think?

Sounds good :slight_smile: