Allow API request from HTTP instead of HTTPS


Currently, I’m running the baserow 1.21.2 Docker image with an external Postgres DB in a local network. The baserow is accessed via “HTTP://

When trying the API function, I realized that the API call requests the HTTPS set-up. Since the baserow is running within a fully controlled local network isolated from the general public, I’m confident with the security setting.

I’m wondering if there is a way to let the baserow accept API call from HTTP? without the HTTPS setting in a local network?

If not, how to let baserow run in HTTPS by changing the docker-compose file? e.g. (“HTTP://”)

Many thanks

I kind of figured it out myself, but I strongly suggest adding this into the cabby file so that the HTTPS can be activated when running on the localhost:

“tls self-signed”

localhost - Caddy - Setting HTTPS on local domain - Stack Overflow

Hi, glad to hear that you figured it out yourself. We’ll look into your suggestion on the tls self-signed.

Thanks for considering my suggestion. The API call requires HTTPS, which makes the API unusable when running in a localhost manner. For other applications, such as Potainer, even if running in a localhost manner, the app automatically starts HTTPS. I strongly suggest that the BaseRow does the same. Otherwise, the whole API functionality is wasted. Cheers