Alternating Row Colors

In Excel or Google Sheets, you can implement alternating colors for ease of readability and following rows across the grid.

While not a feature, I was attempting to figure out a workaround using row background colors. My theory was I could create a column at the end with a formula that essentially copies the row count value on the far left. Then making the condition of the background color be grey if it was an odd number.

The only thing I’m seeing is the ability to use row_id which wouldn’t work if using sorting.

So, is there a way to use row count in color formatting or a formula?


Autonumbers, create an Autonumber column then apply row background color with the condition “Where Autonumber is even and whole”.

If there’s an easier alternative, fire away but this works.

Thanks for sharing the workaround you discovered, @abite! :raised_hands: