Angular Login using password field

I have a self-hosted environment with Rowbase and I have a user table with a password type field.
My idea is to create a login using the data from that table.


When invoking the api and passing the username and password from the front, the api answers the following:

    "detail": "The filter equal is not compatible with field type password."

I have looked for information on how to use the password type field but I have not found anything about it.

How can I use the filter using the password type field?

Thank you so much!


The password field is only intended to be used with the Application Builder at the moment. It is not like a regular text field that can be used for filtering.

However, you can use the API endpoint user_source_token_auth: Baserow API spec. This allows you to pass a username and password and returns a token. If a token is returned, you know that the combination of the username and password is correct.

Thank you for the support and your prompt response. I check the option to generate and use the access token