API calls on a view


I hope you are doing well.

Is it possible to make API calls on a view?

I try to find it in the docs but I think this is not there.

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It’s unfortunately not yet possible fetch the rows of a specific view via the https://api.baserow.io/api/redoc/#tag/Database-table-rows endpoint. We do have plans on making this possible, you can track the progress of this here: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow/-/issues/190.

Alternatively, you could use the https://api.baserow.io/api/redoc/#operation/list_database_table_grid_view_rows, but that one only supports the JWT authentication and not the Token authentication.

Thanks a lot.

I will try it :slight_smile:

Hey Bram,
Checking in with you - has there been any progress on adding Views to the API calls?

Hi @Fred, there is not unfortunately. It shouldn’t be that much work though. I’ve added it to the milestone of 1.12. I can’t make any promises, but if I have some time left, then I’ll try to finish it before the release of next week.

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That would be awesome!
I see that a few people have shown interest in this feature, so this update will please many of us.
Looking forward to it.

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Me at it again :sweat_smile: wondering if there is a chance version 1.12 can include API calls on views this month?

Hi @Fred, I’ve moved the requested feature to 1.11 (Optionally use the view's filters and sortings when listing rows (#190) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab). We still need to release that version and we expect to do so in two weeks from now.


Hi @bram
If that feature has been fully implemented, is here a documentation on how to make an API call to the views now?

Or can I guess it like:

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Hey @Fred,

Have you checked the in product api docs? There is a bit here on views as well if it helps: Baserow API spec

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Thanks! I did not know this page.
Now I see the answer: https://api.baserow.io/api/database/views/{view_id}/

(I was checking this doc https://baserow.io/api-docs/database/{id})

However, what is this JWT auth? I’ve been accessing the database via the generated API token.

It could be this: Backend API // Baserow I know we use username and password to get the JWT internally with n8n but it might work with an api token as well would need testing

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I found the right one in your previous API spec:
Says Authoziations can be either “JWT or Token or None”

Thanks for the link. Saved me a heart attack! I can use Baserow at last for my app project.

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