API GET row using order or index

I’m using the baserow API documentation. In the GET row I’m able to get the unique identifier of the row that is requested. Is there a way to get the index of the row or the order? For instance, I want the first row whose row_id may not necessarily be 1 but an id unknown from the front_end. What url can I use to get the row?

The endgame is to delete all rows in the table from my front_end. The batch_mode isn’t working so I just want to loop through the entire table and delete the rows from my front_end one by one.


The response for getting a row always includes a field order which indicates the order of the item in the default view.


Does this solves your problem or do I misunderstand your question?


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Thanks. I’m able to see the order number of each row but that means I have to get the entire table. My intention is to get a specific row using the order number as opposed to the row_id as primary key. For instance, a url in the API that can get row number 5.

Ok, now I understand.

Unfortunately, there is no endpoint that takes the order of a record as a parameter. I tested if it was possible to set a filter using the order field, but this does not work since it is an auto-generated field.

I think that the only solution is using an automation service like n8n where you call all the records from the table, and loops over them to check which records have an id that is different from their order number.


What do you mean by “isn’t working”? You should be able to query all table rows to get all records and then use those ids in the batch delete request.

We indeed don’t have a way to get a row at specific “index”, order is not necessarily index either.