API size limit?


Could somebody help me out…?
When I use this command I only get 100 results.

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Token **********" https://*******/api/database/rows/table/123/?user_field_names=true&size=150

Temporally for testing I set BASEROW_ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT=400, still 100 results… :frowning_face:


setting the BASEROW_ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT should indeed do the trick. How did you configure it? Are you sure there are more results in your table?

No, using BASEROW_ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT as an environment variable doesn’t work and btw by default the limit is 200. So 150 results shouldn’t be an issue…

A few findings after some hours testing:

Can somebody help me out?

What do you mean by that? cURL can’t change the number of returned results, it could probably only limit the size of the response as a whole but then you wouldn’t get a proper JSON back, so that’s probably not it.

I try to explain…

cURL via console (ssh)
Result: 100 rows

curl \
-X GET \
-H "Authorization: Token YOUR_DATABASE_TOKEN" \

cURL via PHP
Result: 150 rows

GET https://api.baserow.io/api/database/rows/table/124301/?user_field_names=true&size=150 HTTP
Authorization: Token YOUR_DATABASE_TOKEN

I tried your curl command you sent over privately, and I received 142 rows back, so since size=150 was set, there are no more records to return? Not sure how did you get 100 or 150.

Please try to put quotes around the URL in your shell, e.g.:

curl \
-X GET \
-H "Authorization: Token YOUR_DATABASE_TOKEN" \