API Update Not applied!

I get the old data!!


PATCH https://api.baserow.io/api/database/rows/table/56248/3/?user_field_names=true HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Token gnvjbhgviukgvbgjb
Host: api.baserow.io
Content-Type: application/json

    "file1": "string",
    "notes": "string"



Hm, I’m not able to replicate this problem locally.

Are you 100% sure the field names you are sending as JSON keys exactly match the names of the fields in the table? Currently one unfortunate behavior of many of our API endpoints is that they don’t produce an error if you accidentally have a typo in the field name and instead we silently filter out any field names we don’t find. Which is what looks like could be happening here.

Thanks for the reply.
The problem solved a day after this topic.